The 10 days Filmmaking Workshop provided by Cinemalay is the most intensive, hands on training program in filmmaking. During these 10 days, participants are trained in the basics of script writing, directing, camera and digital editing, sound etc and each participant participates writes, directs, shoots, and edit a short film project under the guidance of experienced industry professional. 

The workshop is offered at the Cinemalay office at Nagaon town only.

workshop goal

The 10 days workshop was designed to provide the requirements of a variety of students, yet through hands-on classes and exercises, all students gain an understanding of the requirements and rigors of filmmaking, as well as experience the excitement of seeing a finished film project. For some, the 10 days workshop is a chance to see if filmmaking is the suitable craft for them or not.

All students registering in the 10 days Filmmaking Workshop should be conscious that this is a preliminary course. The restrictions of a 10 days course should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying film and perfecting their craft. While the 10 days digital Filmmaking Workshop is not meant to be an alternative for longer-term programs, many students have made outstanding projects and decided to pursue movie making in the future.


Day 1: introduction session and History of Cinema

Day 2: Concept Development, Story building and Script writing

Day 3: Script deconstruction and formation

Day 4: Basics of Cinematography

Day 5: Shooting Exercise, Framing, Camera Movements, Lighting etc.

Day 6: Exercise to shoot various scenes.

Day 7: Shooting a group project.

Day 8: Basics of Editing with the group project.

Day 9: Basics of Sound

Day 10: Final project submission and Review.

equipment and facilities

Participants will get to use digital camera, Basic lighting packages, and digital editing software. Classrooms are equipped with projection facilities for demonstration and screening of clips.